Values & Ethos

Montpelier’s values are firmly based upon the BASICS. We believe that belonging, aspiration, safety, identity, challenge, and success have relevance to all children, staff, and the school community at different stages. For children, a sense of belonging can range from being part of a family or finding one’s place outside of it, through to classes, the school, friendships, and teams.

As children become young people their sense of belonging takes on new meaning and it will, as before, be intertwined with identity, aspirations, safety, challenges, and successes, all in forms that are specific to individuals.

Our ethos is one of inclusion and the actions of adults to maintain a focus upon this. Support and focused challenge are central to the school’s ethos in order that learning and achievement for all can be maximised. When the school’s ethos is felt by our children and led by our staff, we know the outcome is happiness and success.