The School Day

The school opens at 8.40 am and most children arrive at this time, with lessons formally starting at 8.55 am. During the first part of the day, teachers welcome their classes and address any learning or pastoral matters they may need to. Punctuality is one of our key expectations and lessons start very promptly.

All children have a morning and lunch break and during the latter, sports specialists are on hand to promote structured play and activity. There is an emphasis upon active lunchtimes to promote health and fitness, in addition to regular weekly physical education and sports.

The school day finishes at 3.15 pm and many children then attend after school clubs whilst others participate in activities outside school.

During the day at any point in the year, children participate in several activities beyond the classroom including workshops, performances, music, dance, curriculum trips, guest talks, special events such as science and art weeks, international week, exhibitions, residential trips and more.