BASICS - Montpelier Primary School

The 'BASICS' Philosophy

All pupils should feel valued and that they have a secure role in the school community. All pupils should understand how they belong in relation to their family network, social groups, local and global community and what the benefits of belonging to these bring to individuals and groups.


Each child is part of the group and his or her contribution, whatever its nature, is valued – he or she feels a sense of belonging.


Pupils should be ambitious with appropriate goals for themselves, others, their generation and for the world they live in.


Pupils should feel physically and emotionally safe so that they can then take risks with their learning and tackle challenges within a protective environment. Pupils should understand personal responsibility for managing risk and personal safety.


Pupils should have a strong sense of personal identity and how this supports a feeling of stability and promotes resilience in an individual, a community and across the globe.


Acquiring coping strategies are an important part of development and of learning – pupils experience, and learn to manage challenge and in doing so develop a range of coping strategies.


Pupils should feel success and know when and why they have been successful. All pupils should experience success regularly to promote a positive image and encourage pupils to aspire for more and achieve .