School Results & DfE Performance Tables

The pandemic means that the Department of Education has not required schools to hold tests or provide results since 2019.

Performance information for 2019 can be found at this link.

These tables show that progress in reading, writing and mathematics are all above national averages.

For 2021, the school made its own assessments based upon the whole academic year. Whilst this data cannot be used by the Department for Education it does give an idea of how well children performed.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS Reception)

Key Stage 1 (Infants Year 2)

  • SEN = Special Educational Needs
  • EAL = English as an Additional Language
  • EXS = Expected Standard
  • GDS = Greate Depth

Key Stage 2 (Upper Juniors Year 6)

  • Homegrown = Children who have been here since Reception
  • Non – Homegrown = EAL = children who have joined the school between Reception and Year 6

EOY Teacher Assessment for Summer 2021 WITH EXEMPTIONS REMOVED

EOY Teacher Assessment for Summer 2020 WITH EXEMPTIONS REMOVED