School Results & DfE Performance Tables

The pandemic means that the Department of Education has not required schools to hold tests or provide results since 2019.

Performance information for 2019 can be found at this link.

The below tables show assessment data for the academic year July 2022 and shows that progress in reading, writing and mathematics are all above national averages.

2021-2022 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS Reception)


KS1 Assessment 2021- 2022 Year 2 SATs Results

  • GDS = Greater Depth
  • EXP = Expected Standard
  • WTS = Working Towards


Key Stage 2 Assessment 2021- 2022 Year 6 SATs Results

These results do not yet show combined outcomes (reading, writing and mathematics). Nonetheless, given the impact of the pandemic these are outstanding outcomes and they reflect the high quality of teaching and leadership that has enabled our pupils to move to the next stage in their education with personal confidence and academic strength. 

EOY Teacher Assessment for Summer 2020 WITH EXEMPTIONS REMOVED