q Nursery Curriculum S2 - Montpelier Primary School

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Nursery Handbook

Spring 2

  • Spring and Easter

Building Learning Power

  • Our learning muscles will be stretched this term as we focus on being Questioning Queen Bees as we raise questions around our classroom and school environment.

Communication, Language & Literacy

Book week is an exciting week for the children to explore a range of different books from around the world. There will be lots of games and activities happening in the Nursery to accompany Book Week, including a dress-up day for the children to come to school as their favourite book characters.

We will be focussing on books like: ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The Gruffalo’s Child and The Tiny Seed’ as part of our topic this half term.

A wide range of writing tools is available for the children to access in both the indoor and outdoor environment. The Nursery children are shown how to hold writing tools correctly and develop good reading habits. We will be focusing on correctly forming letters this term and writing our names.


This term the children will be exploring money in our ‘Flower Shop’. They will have opportunities to count money, look at the different coins and recognise different numerals and shapes in the shop.

We will revise our 2D shapes and numbers from 0-10 by looking at different shapes and numbers every week. Through different activities, we will enable children to get confident at recognising and naming shapes and numbers.

BASICS & Characteristics of Learning

This half term we will be focusing on the following two characteristics:

  • Playing and Exploring – using senses to explore the world around us.
    Active Learning – bouncing back after difficulties.

Personal, Social & Emotional

This term we will be building the children’s confidence to talk both in small groups and in front of the whole class. Children will be encouraged to talk about things they have done at the weekend, at home or to share something that they have made in the class. We will also be having parents come and join us for our ‘Learning Together’ sessions.

Physical Development

Gross motor skills for this term will be focusing on throwing and catching a variety of different sized balls. The children will play team games that involve using these skills.

Fine motor skills will be developed through a range of fun finger gym activities to increase hand muscle strength, like threading, weaving, using tweezers and Lego.

Expressive Arts & Design

The imaginative play takes place daily in Nursery through a variety of play situations, but particularly in the role play area. This half term our role play area will be a ‘Flower Shop’. The children may like to explore being a shopkeeper or a customer in the shop.

We will also be making a range of spring art including the children making spring flowers. They will be able to experiment with a range of different drawing materials during the still life drawing of a flower and experimenting with different textures in our creative art activities.

Understanding the World

The focus this term is based around Spring and therefore we will look at different animals and life cycles. We will also plant seeds and write about the changes from seeds to plants in our own diary. We will learn more about festivals such as Easter.