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Headteacher's Newsletter 9th September 2013Issue 1Download PDF

New Junior Banks & Improved Decking

Over the past few years, access to the banks in the junior playground has been limited because of heavy rainfall making the ground too wet for safe or active play. 

This caused the main playground to become crowded during breaktimes and reduced shaded areas under the trees that have traditionally been relied upon. The very damp weather over the past three years also prevented us from treating the wood which, consequently, became unusable after rainfall. The same problem applied to the decking outside the Year 2 classrooms. The new none slip paint will hopefully resolve these problems.

The artificial grass has opened up the playground for play. Moreover, we have created a space that can been used for outdoor teaching and learning to maximise usage of the school's facilities. The new climbing and trail equipment is already very popular with the children and their feedback has been exceptionally positive.