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Headteacher's Newsletter 16th May 2014Issue 10Download PDF

Mollie Clay Trust

We have been fortunate to receive a generous donation of £4145.00 from the Mollie Clay Trust for the purchase of books and other resources linked to our school phonics programme. The phonics resources will be used to support the teaching of reading and writing across the school.

Information about the Mollie Clay Trust

Mollie Clay was born on 8 November 1921 in Beckenham, Kent. Her mother was a nurse and midwife and her father worked in Shoreditch for the Public Assistance Board. Soon after Mollie was born, the family moved to Ealing where Mollie attended St Michaels School in Pitshanger. After completing her studies at Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Mollie intended to read English and History at Cambridge but the war broke out and she spent time with her family in Penarth in Wales. After the first air raid on Cardiff, the family moved back to Ealing where Mollie joined the ‘Carlton Singers’, a folk group that started during the war who often sang through the air raids. Mollie trained as a Physiotherapist at Middlesex Hospital and after qualifying she worked at Hammersmith Hospital. Her love of travel took her to many counties around the world including Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and South America. Mollie had a great enthusiasm for life and devoted herself to helping others. She was an Honorary Secretary to the Ealing Overseas Committee, where she provided invaluable support and guidance to new students coming to the UK for the first time. Mollie died in November 2007 after bravely fighting a protracted illness. Her memory still lives on and her vocation in life is being continued through the trust.

At Montpelier Primary school, we consider ourselves very fortunate beneficiaries of her legacy and are grateful to Sandra Mansi, a parent of a child at Montpelier who has helped us to secure this funding.  

We are in the midst of tests and  assessments across the school and our children are showing a superb level of focus.