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Headteacher's Newsletter 14th January 2013Issue 6Download PDF

Years 5 & 6 This Term - Ms Warren

This term, our older children will continue to focus upon making strong progress and, in the case of year 6, ensuring their confidence in learning is as high as possible as part of their preparation for high school.

Continuing our commitment to educate children about the world's major faiths, Year 6 will be visiting the Ealing Synagogue this term and Year 5 will be visiting a mosque within the next two weeks.

Parents of year 5 pupils are invited to watch the SRE dvd on  22nd January  in classroom 5JH.

Year 5 and 6 are looking forward to meeting the author Edward Trayer when he visits the school next week.

A Happy New Year to our children, families and staff!

We start the calendar year in the midst of an exciting academic one. Last term finished with some exceptional children's performances - six in total - attended by hundreds of parents and family members. The enthusiastic turn out for each show demonstrated the level of support that Montpelier enjoys.