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Headteacher's Newsletter 14th January 2013Issue 6Download PDF

Collecting children on time

The school day finishes at 3.15pm and children should be collected at this time. Last term, too many children were regularly being collected late, causing significant disruption to the office and delaying planned meetings after school. The office becomes too crowded - and dangerous - and there is no facility for after school care unless you are registered with Fit For Sport. This term, we will be tracking children who are collected late and again addressing individual issues with parents and carers where this continues to happen. I will be writing to all parents in due course to explain revised arrangements as children waiting in the front office is no longer an option.

A Happy New Year to our children, families and staff!

We start the calendar year in the midst of an exciting academic one. Last term finished with some exceptional children's performances - six in total - attended by hundreds of parents and family members. The enthusiastic turn out for each show demonstrated the level of support that Montpelier enjoys.