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Headteacher's Newsletter 14th January 2013Issue 6Download PDF

A New Entrance For The School

Over the course of the year we teach over 800 children and communicate with parents and carers accordingly. As an outstanding school Montpelier increasingly works with other schools by running training, conferences and liaising with a range of professionals.

The front office / reception area is no longer fit for purpose in terms of visitor management. More importantly, the experience for parents when visiting the school is often one that requires patience whilst staff deal with issues at a very small window. We have also had some unpleasant experiences in the reception area that we would rather keep away from our children.

The governing body has approved plans to rebuild the entrance to the school in order that we can address issues of visitor management, safety, security and convenience. Therefore, at the end of this half term work will begin to refurbish the front of the school and we aim to complete this within 6 weeks. During that time there will need to be some changes to how visitors enter the school and more information will be provided closer to the time. We are excited about the proposed changes and look forward to sharing these with you.

A Happy New Year to our children, families and staff!

We start the calendar year in the midst of an exciting academic one. Last term finished with some exceptional children's performances - six in total - attended by hundreds of parents and family members. The enthusiastic turn out for each show demonstrated the level of support that Montpelier enjoys.