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Headteacher's Newsletter 11th October 2013Issue 3Download PDF

Dangerous Parking and Westmoreland Place

Increasing concerns about dangerous parking are being raised with the school.

Please avoid parking on Westmoreland Place. Our children's uniforms are being identified by residents, photographs of cars are being taken and these are periodically sent to me. St Gregory's School is facing its own difficulties with the opening of the new entrance - a necessity due to increasing pupil numbers - and there are concerns about the safety of young children in the morning and at the end of the day.

Outside Montpelier, I witnessed some dangerous - and unhelpful - parking earlier this week. One car pulled up on the zig zag to let passengers out, another was left with its hazard indicators flashing on double yellow lines, whilst another car parked opposite and the driver carried a child across the road and dropped her over the railings. Last year, the school published details of cars that were causing dangerous situations on Mount Avenue. We would prefer not to do this but will be left with no other option if this behaviour does not stop. We are not prepared to turn a blind eye to anything that may endanger the lives or safety of our pupils.

We are moving forward with new ideas for learning, ensuring that our children have great opportunities in the classroom, in music and through sport.