The office will be closed for the Summer holiday from 12pm on Tuesday 23rd July to Monday 2nd September, 2019

Children are due to return to school for the Autumn Term on Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

Headteacher's News July 2016Download PDF

Thank you

So many kind words have been said by parents over the past few days about our staff and the school. It is the most rewarding thing to hear and serves as encouragement for what we do to support and improve children’s educational, social and development opportunities. On behalf of staff and governors, I would like to wish you all a good summer break with your wonderful children.

This has been an incredible year both at school level and in the world at large. As the year draws to an end we can reflect upon the successes and challenges that we have all faced at some stage or another. Despite whatever happens both nationally and beyond, it is vital that Montpelier and its community remains outward looking, confident and optimistic. Watching our Year 6 children last night reminded us all that the future can and will be bright.