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Headteacher's News July 2016Download PDF


Sadly, we say goodbye to Ms De Haas, Ms Leader, Ms Tabony, Ms Flaherty and Ms Sulliman. Frustratingly, we are losing some great teachers due to relocation away from Ealing but we wish them all the best for next year. Ms Ross and Ms Jarman (Early Years) will also be leaving in order to pursue postgraduate studies. Ms Macdonald, one of our nursery officers, is also relocating abroad.

This has been an incredible year both at school level and in the world at large. As the year draws to an end we can reflect upon the successes and challenges that we have all faced at some stage or another. Despite whatever happens both nationally and beyond, it is vital that Montpelier and its community remains outward looking, confident and optimistic. Watching our Year 6 children last night reminded us all that the future can and will be bright.