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Headteacher's News January 2018Download PDF

Punctuality and Absence

This academic year, 35 families have sent their children to school late more than 6 times. Some families have brought their children to school late between 20 and 34 times. This is simply an appalling figure – disruptive for the classes, teachers, support and administrative staff. Worse still, it is a terrible way for a child to start their day at school. In these times of government saving in regards to education funding, I do wonder whether those parents who regularly arrive late (and often they live closest to the school) recognise the amount of time and money that is wasted on chasing them up. Money that could be better spent of teaching. We spend time because we know that showing children it is somehow acceptable to arrive late in their primary years may, most likely, have a negative impact in later life. But for now, the majority of children lose out because of the disturbance or disruption caused by children being brought in late.

In regards to absence, a few parents will shortly be issued with fines for taking unauthorised leave. Again, the hours spent gathering data, consulting with legal authorities and issuing correspondence could much better be spent on teaching.

Happy new year and a warm welcome to the new term. We start 2018 looking forward to an interesting and optimistic year, with the next two terms continuing our renewed focus upon teaching and learning, the school’s core purpose. We are as determined as ever to ensure our children achieve well within a happy, safe and secure environment, despite having to make some changes due to challenges being faced by all state schools. The latter part of the autumn term illustrated all that is great about Montpelier – inspired children enjoying lessons, trips and challenging activities, parents and carers sharing in events leading up to the holiday – including the highly successful PTA Disco and many performances – and staff whose dedication and commitment always give the school its particular “edge.”