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Important information regarding data collection forms

This year the Department for Education (DfE) have asked schools for additional information about pupils. The collection of this data has resulted in some concerns from parents. For clarity, we have detailed the guidance for parents regarding the collection of data, and have highlighted what we hope are helpful points below:

  • Parents may wish to decline to provide the following information about their child: nationality, country of birth, ethnicity, first language and whether they are the child of someone in the Armed Services. In cases such as this, the school can record such data as 'refused'.
  • For these data items, schools should only record information that is provided by a parent / guardian or pupil (where a pupil is deemed mature enough to have capacity to consent to sharing their personal data with others).
  • In line with the Equalities Act 2010, schools should avoid selectively asking subsets of parents or pupils who share a particular characteristic to complete this information in a different manner to other parents or pupils. Further information on schools' responsibilities under the Equalities Act is available online.
  • Parents are not required to share any documentary evidence of a pupil's country of birth or nationality, and schools should not request to see any child's passport or birth certificate, for the purposes of data collection.
  • Parents can decide to retract nationality and country of birth information previously provided. Further information on this can be found in the updated DfE guidance online.

With the Spring term in full flow, it is easy to overlook what a super lead up to the Christmas break we had, with several shows that were exceptionally well attended by parents and carers. The outstanding efforts of staff and children resulted in performances that left us with some very special memories.

Over the past few days, the international news will doubtless have affected the thinking of many in the Montpelier school community. I therefore took the opportunity to re-read the school’s statement on British Values and reflect upon the commitment to our tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs through the celebration of similarities and differences. Most importantly, I reaffirmed my commitment – and that of our staff and governors – to ensuring that all we hold dear is protected and valued to continue making our school a safe and positive place for our children.