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Has anybody found...?

Recently Mrs Carole Walker lost a gold necklace at school with a St Christopher pendant attached to it. It is quite possible that a child has innocently picked this up and brought it home. If anybody has found the necklace we would be very grateful if it could be returned to the school as it carries great sentimental value for Mrs Walker.

With the Spring term in full flow, it is easy to overlook what a super lead up to the Christmas break we had, with several shows that were exceptionally well attended by parents and carers. The outstanding efforts of staff and children resulted in performances that left us with some very special memories.

Over the past few days, the international news will doubtless have affected the thinking of many in the Montpelier school community. I therefore took the opportunity to re-read the school’s statement on British Values and reflect upon the commitment to our tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs through the celebration of similarities and differences. Most importantly, I reaffirmed my commitment – and that of our staff and governors – to ensuring that all we hold dear is protected and valued to continue making our school a safe and positive place for our children.