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Head teacher's News 26th June 2015Download PDF

A fantastic fĂȘte

Thank you for the tremendous amount of work carried out by some of our parents for the benefit of all parents and pupils; your tireless efforts made the day the success that it was. It was fantastic to see Montpelier pupils enjoying their school space in a different way and note that many parents stayed longer than planned due to the wonderful ambience during the day. The fête raised a whopping £12,077 for the school and OUR children.

There continues to be a buzz of lively activity across the school. Yesterday morning some of our governors walked around the school and came across children playing in the Early Years, violinsts practising, the Year 6 children rehearsing, sports in the junior playground and classes of children quickly returning from play to focus upon their learning. And that's not mentioning the numerous visits for new Reception and Nursery parents that ran through the morning. In the evening, I had the pleasure of attending the PTA meeting to discuss a range of issues and plan for the year ahead. As we draw towards the final days of this academic year, I want to acknowledge all the staff at this wonderful school who do so much more than the ordinary to give our children the very best opportunities. And thank you to the parents and carers who share in our efforts to help us make sure the school never "rests on its laurels."