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Head Teacher's News 16th September 20141Download PDF

New Additions To The Team

The new year brings with it some changes to staffing. Mrs Goodall has now stopped class teaching to focus upon music. She will only be in school on Fridays, other than when she is supporting special events. We welcome Ms Gerlis (Y1), Ms Tabony (Y2), Ms Ward (Y2), Ms Comiskey (Y4) and Ms Sulliman (Y5). Please note that following her marriage, Ms Holmes is now known as Mrs Maxwell.

We are also pleased that before the summer Ms Underhill and Ms Regewicz joined our administration team, alongside Ms Pathmarajah in finance.

After a year of great effort and commitment, we finished the summer term with excellent results in Years 2 and 6. Equally, our children in the Reception classes achieved very well and have now settled into their Year 1 classes. This is an exciting and challenging year with schools adapting to a new curriculum, and, of course, free school lunches for all children under seven. Our teachers spent most of the spring and summer designing a new curriculum that builds further upon a learning structure that is already rigorous and successful, and we look forward to sharing in the children's experience of it over time.