Head Teacher's News 16th September 20141Download PDF

Football and Hockey Clubs

Building upon last year's work, we are now offering regular and free training to children in Years 5 and 6 after school. Currently, 39 children have signed up for football and 40 for hockey. This is a fantastic response and details of the training sessions are on the school website http://montpelierschool.net/school-club-booking.html


After a year of great effort and commitment, we finished the summer term with excellent results in Years 2 and 6. Equally, our children in the Reception classes achieved very well and have now settled into their Year 1 classes. This is an exciting and challenging year with schools adapting to a new curriculum, and, of course, free school lunches for all children under seven. Our teachers spent most of the spring and summer designing a new curriculum that builds further upon a learning structure that is already rigorous and successful, and we look forward to sharing in the children's experience of it over time.