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Head Teacher's News 15th October 20142Download PDF

Taking Care

Recent events have focused our attention very sharply upon children's safety. There are general issues that parents & carers should note as they have been raised by staff and members of the public in recent weeks. If your child walks to or from school alone (or with friends) please ensure that peer pressure is not dictating the decision to do so. It is quite normal for children in Year 6 to wait until the summer term before walking without an adult although I am aware that some have decided to start now because peers are doing so. Children should only walk unaccompanied - including in a group with friends - if they feel comfortable to do so and are clear about what to do in an emergency, unusual circumstances or if approached by strangers.

Our curriculum involves regular references to safety, visits by the local police and workshops to address themes such as "home alone" or "stranger danger." One area that we cover is how to use transport safely. It has now been reported to me twice that children are frequently seen arriving at school without their seat belts on and therefore we would request that you reinforce the need to do this if your child travels by car.

In this newsletter we focus upon important safety matters, our forthcoming  International Week, events for parents & carers and news about our recent Enabling Enterprise competition. We would also be very grateful if you could complete the brief online survey about food and eating habits within this edition.