Head teacher's News 12th June 20154Download PDF

Chocolate and Nuts

Because we have a number of children who have serious food allergies, it is important that chocolate and nut based items are not brought into school. It has been drawn to my attention that parents and carers are still bringing these items on to the school site and sometimes giving them out on school trips. More seriously, some children are bringing in sesame snaps, peanut butter sandwiches and nut based food bars as part of a packed lunch. These types of items should never be brought to school by ANY child. Your help with this is essential in keeping all our children safe.

For staff, parents and children alike this has been a very busy term. Our children have been completing end of year tests and assessments and we are preparing for new children to start in Reception in September. We are also thinking about our Year 6 children who are preparing to start the next stage of their education at a wide range of high schools. But for this weekend, we are looking forward to the annual PTA Summer Fete with excitement and anticipation.